This is the official online shop for Paper Puffin! A selection of items is also available on ETSY - PaperPuffinShop

Paper Puffin is based in Portland, Oregon and features merchandise, artwork and objects featuring curious cats by K.Carlson.


Paper Puffin is proud to be in the following retail stores:

Powell's Books - Portland, OR 

Crafty Wonderland - Portland, OR

Collage Alberta - Portland, OR

Ernie & Gray - Salem, OR

Forest Floor Studios - Eugene, OR

Guardian Games - Portland, OR

Hello From Portland - Portland, OR

LetterpressPDX - Portland, OR

Nucleus Gallery - Portland, OR

Radius Studios - Portland, OR

Sarah J Handmade - Portland, OR

T-SPOT - Manzanita, OR



Folio Books - San Francisco, CA

Habitat Cafe - Clayton, GA

Hidden Treasures - Topanga, CA

Unreliable Narrator - Rochester, NY


The Mushroom Cats! Card Game is also available at: 


Cloud Cap Games - Portland, OR

Guardian Games - Portland, OR

Portland Game Shop - Portland, OR

Puddletown Games - Portland, OR

Russell Books - Canada ( coming soon! )