Mushroom Cats! Card Game
Mushroom Cats! Card Game
Mushroom Cats! Card Game
Mushroom Cats! Card Game
Mushroom Cats! Card Game
Paper Puffin

Mushroom Cats! Card Game

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Mushroom Cats! is an adorable card game about a mushroom hunt gone awry. Players compete to gather, steal, and magically transmute the most valuable collection of mushrooms they can before the picking is done and a winner is declared.

Each copy of the game includes 52 cards, the box, and play instructions.

** SCORE PAD ** Until supplies last, a matching score pad is available to record your points! 50 sheets, 'tear-away' paper pad. 

Mushroom Cats! is a remix of the classic pick-and-pass format for two to five players, with new cutthroat mechanics to add a little spice. Players simultaneously play and then resolve cards, either adding to their own score or interfering with their opponents. We designed the game to be easy to learn and quick to play: a charming warm-up game, competitive for adults, and fun to play with kids. 

The deck is made up of full-color tarot sized cards (2.75" x 4.75") with original illustrations printed on glossy cardstock. The box has spot color gold highlights.  

How to Play

The rules of Mushroom Cats! are quite simple, and players familiar with other pick-and-pass type games will have no trouble learning the rules. At the start of each round, players are dealt a hand of cards, then:

  • Simultaneously select and reveal a card
  • Resolve any special action cards that were played
  • Pass their hands to the next player and select a new card, continuing until all cards are played

Once a round is complete, players total their score from their played cards to determine a winner. That's it! 

Mushrooms Cats! was designed by Ben Lindstrom, and all the art for Mushroom Cats! was illustrated by PNW artist Kayla Carlson / PaperPuffin


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